Trigonometry - Grades 10-12 (eBook)

Trigonometry - Grades 10-12 (eBook)

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This easy-to-use workbook is full of stimulating activities that will give your students a solid introduction to trigonometry! A variety of puzzles and self-check formats will challenge students to think creatively as they work to build their trigonometric skills. Each page begins with a clear explanation of a featured trigonometric topic, providing extra review and reinforcement. A special assessment section is included at the end of the book to help students prepare for standardized tests.Its measure is the difference between 360Ad and the measure of its central angle. Example: mBAC = 360Ada€“65Ad = 295Ad 3. A chord is a segment whose endpoints are points on a circle. Example: DF An inscribed angle is an angle whose sides areanbsp;...

Title:Trigonometry - Grades 10-12 (eBook)
Author:Marilyn Occhiogrosso
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 2007-09-01


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