Trina’s Christmas Gift

Trina’s Christmas Gift

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Trina, at the age of twelve, inherited a life of responsibility. Trinaa€™s life was much as the average child until she became responsible for caring for an invalid mother and two younger brothers. The family had been much like the average family, until suddenly an automobile accident took the life of Trinaa€™s father and left her mother invalid. Trinaa€™s mothera€™s mind rejected the fact that her husband was dead, and she, with her disability from the accident could no longer cope with reality. Mr. Boggess, a dear friend of the family, became a dear friend of the children and was successful in getting social security payments of the family from their fathera€™s year of work. He agreed, at Trinaa€™s insistence, to keep the family at home for a while to see if they could cope. Read and enjoy the story, and please, do not stop until you have read the surprise ending.Whenshe left, he jovially addressed the children. a€œGood morning. MayI help you, a€ hissmile helped them muster the courage toshowhim the brooch. a€œWe wantto know how much money we can get forthis, a€ Trina said. a€œWell now, What do we haveanbsp;...

Title:Trina’s Christmas Gift
Author:Opal Watkins
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-12-22


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