Triworlds Revolution

Triworlds Revolution

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As a member of the ruling class aboard a star ship destined to carry her people to a new home world, Trayia is duty-bound and loyal to the cause. But when an encounter with the rebellious Kavata opens her eyes to the ship's dark secret, she begins to question everything she has ever known. As the black and white world around them falls away, the young women embark on a journey to find the key to their people's survival and learn the truth behind their origins with the help of a blind monk, a fugitive prisoner, and a clueless drummer. This revolution is going to be a lot harder than anyone thought... Triworlds Revolution: Homeworld Blues opens the door on an epic trilogy that crosses worlds and genres, weaving an exciting and suspenseful tale filled with memorable characters and enthralling locales while it explores what it means to be truly free through the lens of a broad sci-fi fantasy world.a€œThe first step on that road is to outfit yourself with a truly intimidating blade. ... a€œI feel we have much to learn from each other, Path, my friend.a€ He turned to glance ... a€œAs does your young ward that arms herself as a Guaran, a€ he commentated.

Title:Triworlds Revolution
Author:A. J. McMillan
Publisher:A. J. McMillan - 2014-12-23


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