Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21st Century

Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21st Century

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When political observers talk European security, they invariably refer to the challenges Western Europe faces on its peripheries, rarely imagining that the greatest dangers to the new Europe may come from within. Without necessarily suggesting a worst case ending, this study argues that there is indeed a series of crises converging on post Cold War Europe that threaten its stability and need to be addressed by European policy makers and taken into account by Americans. Areas of discussion include the welfare state in transition, crisis of the political system, the decline of the nation-state, and prospects for the future.Many of the states they created in Africa are being torn apart by ethnic, tribal, or clan conflict (no longer rationalized by the veneer of Cold War ideology). Multinational continental empires like Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and the Soviet Union have failed. The end of the Cold War has led to the ... There is nothing astonishing about the decline or breakup of artificial states, but what does that implyanbsp;...

Title:Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21st Century
Author:Steven Philip Kramer, Irene Kyriakopoulos
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 1996-06-01


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