True Blue Cowboy

True Blue Cowboy

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He Never Expected To See Her Again! When Mack Cash's mysterious one-night stand shows up at the dude ranch where he works, he is stunned. And just as he suspected during their night together, Beth Richards is no buckle bunny, despite the getup she was wearing. Instead, she's just the kind of woman he's looking fora€”sexy, sure, but also down-home and whip-smart. Mack's obvious attraction is just the boost Beth was looking for after a hurtful divorce. She loves the way he looks at hera€”and sees her. Except for one thing. He wants a family, and Beth can only disappoint him. She's already failed at love once and she can't go through it again. That's why she has to let Mack goa€b.a€œShe said the cowboya#39;s watch must be broken a#39;cause shea#39;s wearing panties.a€ a€œ And what did the cowboy say?a€ Beth asked. a€œHe points to his watch and says, a#39; Damn thinga#39;s an hour fast.a#39;a€ Betha#39;s mouth formed a perfect O then she snapped it shutanbsp;...

Title:True Blue Cowboy
Author:Marin Thomas
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-08-05


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