Truffles, Candies, and Confections

Truffles, Candies, and Confections

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Imagine your favorite candya€”maybe it's a velvety raspberry truffle or a piece of crisp English toffee. In this completely revised and expanded edition of a culinary classic, pastry chef and teacher Carole Bloom shows intrepid bakers how to turn their visions of sugarplums into home-baked perfection. Bloom begins with an illuminating discussion of candymaking essentials, from ingredients to tools to techniques, and then shares more than 180 exquisitely detailed recipes for truffles, caramels, nut brittles, fudge, and more. If you haven't dared to try candymaking or have been frustrated by attempts in the past, get out the baking sheets and gift boxesa€”it's time to prepare, devour, and share batches of blissful, homemade treats like Mocha Truffles, Hazelnut Chocolate Kisses, Vanilla Cream Caramels, Butter Peanut Brittle, and Maple Pecan Fudge. Bloom's clear, concise instructions will help beginners master even the trickiest techniques, like tempering chocolate and making caramel, and her many recipe variations will inspire experienced candymakers to experiment with new flavor combinations. With TRUFFLES, CANDIES, AND CONFECTIONS at your side, starting a candymaking tradition will be as rewarding as it is delectable.a€œIf you have a passion for chocolate, caramel, toffee, or truffles, Carole Bloom's collection of luscious two-bite confections will inspire you to create the sweet magic of a candy shop in your own kitchen.a€ a€”Flo Braker, author of The Simple Art of Perfect Baking and Sweet Miniaturesa€œSmooth or chunky? Creamy or chewy? Chocolate or vanilla? Fruit or nut-filled? Such sweet choices will surely keep you up at night, luring you into the kitchen to melt and dip your way into candy bliss, then back into bed with a stash of sumptuous sweets.a€ a€”Lisa Yockelson, baking journalist and author of Baking by Flavora€œThis is the book that every chocolate-lover should have within reach at all times! From classic chocolate-dipped caramels and nutty brittles, to truffles with the most exquisite flavors imaginable, Carole's classic book is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive and delectable books on chocolate ever.a€ a€”David Lebovitz, author of The Great Book of Chocolatea€œA first-rate book for making wonderful candy at home. This almost forgotten pleasure is made available to anyone with the careful, clear guidance in these well-tested recipes.a€ a€”Marion Cunningham, author of The Fannie Farmer Cookbooka€œCarole Bloom has done meticulous research, writing, and recipe testing for this irresistible book. It's rare to find a teacher so committed to seeing her students succeed.a€ a€”Robert Steinberg, co-founder of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, Inc.a€œIt's not just Bloom's background that makes this book so good; she has the rare ability to clearly explain technical procedures and write a recipe that's easy to follow.a€ a€”Los Angeles Times From the Trade Paperback edition.Techniques and Recipes for Candymaking Carole Bloom. [ ynrfiles are the ultimate chocolate delight. Rich and ... Chocolate truffles share the same name with a fungi that grows around the roots of trees in France and Italy. Not just any fungi. ... of truffles. The basic trufile mixture can be enriched with butter and can be flavored with liqueurs. extracts, coffee, finely chopped nuts. fruit purees. or candied fruit.

Title:Truffles, Candies, and Confections
Author:Carole Bloom
Publisher:Ten Speed Press - 2012-12-04


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