Trumpet Technique

Trumpet Technique

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In the last forty years, many elite performers in the arts have gleaned valuable lessons and techniques from research and advances in sport science, psychomotor research, learning theory, and psychology. Numerous qpeak performanceq books have made these tools and insights available to athletes.Now, professor and performer Frank Gabriel Campos has translated this concept for trumpet players and other brass and wind instrumentalists, creating an accessible and comprehensive guide to performance skill. Trumpet Technique combines the newest research on skill acquisition and peak performance with the time-honored and proven techniques of master teachers and performers. All aspects of brass technique are discussed in detail, including the breath, embouchure, oral cavity, tongue, jaw, and proper body use, as well as information on performance psychology, practice techniques, musicians' occupational injuries, and much more.Comprehensive and detailed, Trumpet Technique is an invaluable resource for performers, teachers, and students at all levels seeking to move to the highest level of skill with their instrument.and as the embouchure grows weaker and weaker, more and more force is used. ... about players of decades past who were capable of playing high notes on a trumpet or cornet suspended by a string. ... Ironically, forcing the mouthpiece against the embouchure actually does help one to play higher. ... Likewise, forcing the mouthpiece excessively against the soft lip tissue will compress the lips together, making the aperture smaller and high notes easier, but at a cost ( Frakas 1962, anbsp;...

Title:Trumpet Technique
Author:Frank Gabriel Campos
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2005


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