Trust Me, I'm (Still) a Doctor

Trust Me, I'm (Still) a Doctor

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If youa€™ve ever used the NHS, thought about using it or think you might use it at some time in the future then you probably ought to read this book. Dr Phil Hammond has spent sixteen and a half years exposing the dark side of medicine in the pages of Private Eye and suggesting ways to make the NHS safer for patients. Trust Me Ia€™m (still) a Doctor is his acerbic, insightful, uplifting and occasionally very, very scary review of how the NHS has got to where it is today, and how you can make it better. Dr Phil seems to know what hea€™s talking about. He's done the rounds in hospital medicine, exposed the Bristol Heart Scandal, dabbled in sexual health, dined out with Lord Darzi and been threatened at a Public Inquiry for not revealing his sources. He still works as a GP, and tries to do more good than harm in under ten minutes. Dr Phil doesn't just want you to buy his book. He invites you to become a Vice President of the Royal College of Patients and start asking un-British questions like: a€˜How likely is it that this treatment will kill or maim me?a€™, a€˜How many of this particular type of operation have you done before?a€™, a€˜How do your results compare to the national average?a€™ and a€˜Would you like a chocolate?a€™ Much of our healthcare is (still) dangerous and unaccountable, but you can improve your chances of survival by asking the right questions. Dr Phil thinks he knows what they are...abuse at a Birmingham hospital to the regional health authority, they distorted it so much as to conclude no problem existed. ... strong incentives to minimise (i.e. ration) operations for NHS patients and use the NHS as an operating base for maximising private work . ... There are thirteen thousand of us in the UK still practising the noble art whilst dependent on alcohol or drugs a€“ an unbelievable statistic if itanbsp;...

Title:Trust Me, I'm (Still) a Doctor
Author:Dr Phil Hammond
Publisher:Black & White Publishing - 2009-08-26


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