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Tryste and the Sea is the story of some of the adventures and misadventures that brought Ernest and Val Haigh to a bad end aboard Tryste, in the a€˜good old daysa€™ when life for cruising sailors was easier, with less restrictions and regulations and when, pre-GPS, all navigation was still celestial.. It details how they could not resist a€˜just one more voyagea€™, as Ernest saida€”well twoa€”a yeara€™s voyage to New Zealand and back in 1977, and their second world circumnavigation in 1981. This completes the story begun by Val in her earlier book, Chasing the Dream, in which they had their young daughters as crew. Now they were on their own. They missed the company, the laughter and the help; but there was still the joy of Trystea€™s tan sails billowing in the wind, of visiting different countries and making new friends, of the unpredictable weather and of the company of dolphins and albatrosses. There were also moments to remember for ever, like swimming off Tryste in the middle of the ocean, luxuriating in the lucent warm blue water, a thousand miles from land.Our newest logbook, which we had started for the homeward passage from Hilo to BC, featured a space for comments ... Our first entry, on day 3, was: a#39;Repaired 2 piston hanks on genoa, repaired 2 seams on main and repaired port float (still pumping). ... It had been just four days earlier that we had photographed EMTEESS just off the coast of Hawaii and then sailed ... in Prince William Sound, Alaska, where ice-blue glaciers flowed imperceptibly down to the ocean and killer whalesanbsp;...

Author:Val Haigh
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-10-06


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