Tune In to Wow Leadership

Tune In to Wow Leadership

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A viewing guide to help leaders focus on their own development and set their internal DVR to WOW! The fictional world of TV depicts a plethora of characters who embody what Sheri Staak calls a€œWOW leadership qualities.a€ (Incompetents are not in short supply either.) Drawing from classics and recent favorites alike, she showcases heroes or leaders from NCIS to Hawaii Five-O - Blue Bloods as well as villains-from The Sopranos to NYPD Blue to Breaking Bad-to illustrate her insights in entertaining and vividly memorable ways. Far from taking a conventional approach, Staak posits that whether youa€™re a veteran executive or an aspiring manager, you can learn a great deal about becoming an extraordinary leader by tuning in to popular TV programs. She's selected specific qscenes in episodesq or qinstancesq that pinpoint what to do and what not to do in the workplace to invest in others, constantly improve your own skills, build trust, and earn respect. She supplements those a€œTune Ina€ features with practical lists of key actions to take to strengthen the character traits every top-notch leader must possess. And for times when youa€™re faced with an issue such as broken trust or poor communication that must be repaired, Staak draws on her estimable experience to suggest implementable, effective solutions. Those bulleted lists, plus the exercises she calls a€œWOW in Action, a€ will help you quickly evaluate where you stand in comparison to the WOW ideal. Be you a Millennial or a Baby Boomer, youa€™ll learn how to become the type of effective communicator, confident visionary, inspirational motivator, agent of change, and bold decision maker your direct reports will proclaim to be a a€œgreat boss.a€Similar accusations have croppedup inreference to numerous other popularreality shows, including Storage Wars, House ... of shopping fornew homes were prearranged andthat much ofthe show is reenacted and does not happenas organically as it seems. ... a€œplanta€ treasures in units to create a more interesting outcome. ... Keepit realasa WOW leader and yourfaithful followers will know that, unlike the questionable a€œrealitya€ programming offered on the small screen, they can trustwhatanbsp;...

Title:Tune In to Wow Leadership
Author:Sheri Staak
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2015-01-06


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