Tungsten Carbides as Anode Electrocatalyst of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Tungsten Carbides as Anode Electrocatalyst of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

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The transition metal carbides have been shown to exhibit catalytic properties similar to Pt-Group metals in reactions with hydrocarbon molecules. This work is to determine the feasibility of using WCs as an alternative anode catalyst. This work began by synthesizing and characterizing the PVD WC thin films, in order to bridge the materials gap between previous model crystal surfaces and the more realistic electrocatalysts. Fundamental surface science techniques where applied to examine the composition of the film. Ex situ cyclic voltammetry (CV) measurements have been applied to examine the electrocatalyst stability of the thin films. Supported WCs synthesized by temperature programmed reaction (TPR) technique was also used as a bridge material with a larger surface area than PVD thin films. Supported WC samples were also tested by surface science techniques. CV measurements were performed to examine the electrocatalyst stability and methanol oxidation in an electrochemical environment. In ex situ CV study, the solution is very complicated for deciding the activity of WC towards methanol oxidation. A gas phase reaction, cyclohexene self-hydrogenation as a probe reaction for WC reactivity was performed in a batch reactor with IR, in order to evaluate the dehydrogenation activity of WC and Pt-modified WC.... examine the applicability of tungsten carbides (WCs) and Pt modified WCs as direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) electrocatalysts. The motivation to study this WCs stemmed from the fact that current commercial DMFCs require the use of platinum/ruthenium (Pt/Ru) anodes [1.1-1.6]. ... Numerous of literature indicates that the more abundant early transition metals can exhibit Pt-like reactivity when modifiedanbsp;...

Title:Tungsten Carbides as Anode Electrocatalyst of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Author:Qiao Ren
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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