Turn Up the Volume!

Turn Up the Volume!

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Part One : Music in African Life : qAfrican and African American Lamellophones : history, typology, nomenclature, performers and intracultural concepts (G. Kubik), qWest Africa : when the xylophone speaksq (H. A. Maxwell); qAfrican traditional musical instruments in Neo-African Idioms and contexts (A. Euba); qRitual, Lore and Music in the Pre-Islamic Vai Funerary Sequence (L. P. Monts); The Fulbe Fiddle in the Gambia : a Symbol of Ethnic Identity (J. Cogdell) etc. Part Two : Africa and the Diaspora : Cross-cultural Influences : qThe lyre of the Arab gulf : historical Roots, geographical links and the local contextq (A. Jihad Racy), The Voice of Ginen : drums in Haitian Religion, history and identityq (V. Simmons); The African Legacy : the use of music and musical instruments in the CandomblAc Religion of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil) etc. (source : http://home.pi.be/~tor-4879/instrument539.htm).The band leader had made costumes out of cardboard boxes and other found objects that related to the theme. ... The banda#39;s costumes provided a striking visual example of an African-derived, improvisational, make- something-from- nothinganbsp;...

Title:Turn Up the Volume!
Author:Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, Ernest Brown
Publisher:University of California Museum of - 1999


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