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qCan changing your look change your life....?q Self confessed scruff, 33 year old Lyndsey Daly doesn't believe so until friends set her up to appear on qTurnaroundq a top rating TV make-over show. Struggling with the breakdown of her marriage, the reluctant TV star finds herself having to juggle the demands of filming, with her dual roles of daughter to 59 year old Renee, and mother to 11 year old Cassandra, each of whom are facing a crisis.... Unhappy in her new school, Cassie befriends a stray dog and hides him in a secret place. In the aftermath of the discovery of the animal's lair, and the witnessing of something shocking, the traumatised child goes on the run..... Meanwhile, on a mission to save her daughter's marriage, Renee indulges in a dangerous game of sexual cat and mouse with her son-in-law, Raymond Daly. qTurnaroundq changes Lyndsey's life and those of her family in ways she has been unable to foresee. Faced with betrayal from those she loves the most, she will undergo tears and trauma as the foundations of her very existence begin to crumble. But help is at hand. As events spiral out of control the qTurnaroundq presenters step in to ensure that all, ultimately, ends well.....a#39;Your arms are good, a#39; Savannah said, a#39;lift them up Lyndsey, therea#39;s a love. See, no flab. No hint yet of ... Do you think she needs chicken fillets, Savvy?a#39; a#39;Chicken fillets! ... a#39;Not to eat darling, a#39; said Thalia, who seemed to have the uncanny knack of correctly guessing her mind, a#39;as padding for your bra. Theya#39;re not made of chicken, obviously, but the feel and texture make the name apt. We happen to have aanbsp;...

Author:Sandie Traveller
Publisher:Author House - 2014-11-13


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