Turning Grace

Turning Grace

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a€œEach taste, each mouthful awakened a part of me that I had never known. The sweet and bitter tenderness of every chew sent my body into a whirlwind...a€ Everything seems ordinary for Grace Watkins. With the exception of her abnormal obsession for B-rated slasher movies and a strange hunger that is building inside her with each passing day, her life is as typical as any other senior at Middleton High. The only issue Grace has is keeping her protective best friend away from giving her lone enemy, the ever-so-popular Sonny Westwood, a classic schoolyard beat down. It doesn't help that Grace has had a secret crush on Sonnya€™s man, Tristen, since the first day she laid eyes on him. But as one of her favorite nights of the year approaches, Grace begins to realize there may not be anything...normal about her. Her body is changing and her appetite is growing. Her urges are intensifying and becoming uncontrollable. And she just...wants...more. What happens when something or someone stands in the way of feeding her need? Better yet, what the hell is wrong with her?About one and a half blocks from where I reside, I found a dark house with a for sale sign on the lawn. The porch was deep and dim. I was sure no one could find me there. I staggered up the four steps to the porch and huddled into a corner, resting the cat on my lap. Okay ... I needed to do this. ... Its body lay in my hands like a ragdoll and with the first bite, blood oozed out through my fingers onto my legs.

Title:Turning Grace
Author:J.Q. Davis
Publisher:J.Q. Davis - 2014-06-10


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