Turning Points in Solid-state, Materials and Surface State

Turning Points in Solid-state, Materials and Surface State

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The scientific exploration of solid materials represents one of the most important, fascinating and rewarding areas of scientific endeavour in the present day, not only from the viewpoint of advancing fundamental understanding but also from the industrial perspective, given the immense diversity of applications of solid materials across the full range of commercial sectors. Turning Points in Solid-State, Materials and Surface Science provides a state-of-the-art survey of some of the most important recent developments across the spectrum of solid-state, materials and surface sciences, while at the same time reflecting on key turning points in the evolution of this scientific discipline and projecting into the directions for future research progress. The book serves as a timely tribute to the life and work of Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas FRS, who has made monumental contributions to this field of science throughout his distinguished 50-year career in research, during which he has initiated, developed and exploited many important branches of this field. Indeed, the depth and breadth of his contributions towards the evolution and advancement of this scientific discipline, and his critical role in elevating this field to the important position that it now occupies within modern science, are demonstrated recurrently throughout the chapters of this book. Individual chapters are contributed by internationally leading experts in their respective fields, and the topics covered include solid-state chemistry of inorganic and organic materials, heterogeneous catalysis, surface science and materials science, with one section of the book focusing on modern developments in electron microscopy and its contributions to chemistry and materials science. The book serves as a modern and up-to-date monograph in these fields, and provides a valuable resource to researchers in academia and industry who require a comprehensive source of information on this important and rapidly developing subject.The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from the oxidation of molecular hydrogen by molecular oxygen is considered to be of immense current interest. ... as a green oxidant with water being the only by-product, it is recognised to have significant potential in chemical synthesis, ... give significant improvements in the rate of hydrogen peroxide formation when compared with the Pd only catalyst.37, 38 Aanbsp;...

Title:Turning Points in Solid-state, Materials and Surface State
Author:Kenneth D. M. Harris, Peter P. Edwards
Publisher:Royal Society of Chemistry - 2008


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