Turning the Wheels of Justice

Turning the Wheels of Justice

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qRobert Stewart always preys in getting his man and seeing justice be served - his particular brand of justice, q said Lawrence Bolermo. qHe is one aggressive cop who has been known to do more damage to a man than the entire FBI!q Domenico Armando ordered: qThere will not be an individual power in this world that will not become vulnerable to us. I insist that our plans for the future will make us the biggest powers since Germany invaded Poland in 1939!q Robert Stewart and Domenico Armando's relentless conflict began in the United States of America. The brutal rivalry between the two men rapidly emerged into all-out world war!Only to find in the hands of the deceased Mayora#39;s colleaguesa#39;, boxes, of ballot papers that they presumed to destroy before a shredder, in a room opposite the former Mayora#39;s office. The boxes contained ballot papers that were rigged, fixing theanbsp;...

Title:Turning the Wheels of Justice
Author:Peter J. Michael
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2012-10-15


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