Twenty Controversial Issues in Christendom

Twenty Controversial Issues in Christendom

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Should Christians avoid politics? Are Christian beliefs incompatible with modern science? Are Christian fundamentalists almost as bad as Muslim extremists? What is the relationship between homosexuality, genetics, and the often-heard statement, qJesus never said anything about itq? Should Christians not have anything to do with gun carry permits? From a theologically conservative point of view, author Stephen Rowland addresses twenty important issues in Christianity today in Twenty Controversial Issues in Christendom. A compilation of columns originally written for the Daily Herald of Columbia, Tennessee, it discusses a number of issues in which Christianity and modern culture often intersect. Relevant topics include politics, evolution, homosexuality, abortion, racism, Islam, prosperity theology, science and the Bible, pacifism, and denominationalism. Twenty Controversial Issues in Christendom shows that Christianity still speaks to modern culture, and it communicates that there is a place at the discussion table for informed Christians on divisive topics.Obamaa#39;s statement was buried deep within the few articles that actually mentioned it; he gets a a€œfree passa€ from intense ... Thata#39;s a pretty simple idea a€” if a verse seems a little unclear then you go to all the other verses in the Bible that speaksanbsp;...

Title:Twenty Controversial Issues in Christendom
Author:Stephen Rowland
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-08


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