Twenty Three Plus Seven Equals Thirty

Twenty Three Plus Seven Equals Thirty

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William is an inquisitive man who by mistake came across an internet site which exposes him to a whole new world he never knew existed. You will follow his amazing journey and with imagination he hopes may even make you feel like you are with him taking the journey yourself. His three experiences he will tell you about, well William thinks anyway, represent true life but may shock and surprise you and have certainly changed him forever there is no doubt about that. It opened his mind and imagination and changed his views but at times it's been challenging, worrying and did bring him many sleepless nights.To make it perfect would I believe badly detract from the interest and experiences I have had thatI am about to tell you and I will explain more why later on in this introduction. ... other sites where woman see men so it works both ways but my words are about men seeing woman. ... is a popular industry where there are many customers throughout the world willing to spend a lot of money for visual favours.

Title:Twenty Three Plus Seven Equals Thirty
Author:Christopher J. Thorpe
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-10-16


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