Twin Awakenings

Twin Awakenings

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Step into the story as the main character takes you on a mystical journey, where twin flames meet and where you can expand into a magical way of being, washing you in vibrant consciousness. Some say this book is an ideal, romantic, self-love explorationa€”cosmic attunement and juicy bubbles; the ultimate fairytale, yet ita€™s real. Others say it is about transforming the old patterns in order to feel everything and connect to your full self. To move forward to building a life from the ground up so that eventually therea€™s a full community and total oneness. It isna€™t just about twin flames reuniting. The twins come together to light the way. Really the story is alive and grows with each reader, wherever you are, bringing together soul family, getting you back in touch with the Earth and all her wonderful creatures. It is a simple, fun way to connect deeper to your inner gifts and knowing, whether read around campfires, in circles, or just relaxing on your own. a€œTwin Awakenings is a unique, magical dance of self discovery. It celebrates the often agonizing confusion one faces when searching for true love, and shows that the only real love we are searching for must come from within, an inspiration of self. The authors offer a glimpse of what it means to acknowledge this kind of love and the soul energizing freedom it can bring. Ultimately, this book is a beautiful reminder of what it means to be human, to be connected to the rumbling heartbeat of the earth, the breath of the wind, and to each other. This story is truly an awakening of spirit and a sweet affirmation that we are not alone. a€ a€”Jeanette St. Germain-Boere, Community Wellness Center DirectorThis book provides easy-to-understand examples of how to start talking with children about their emotions.

Title:Twin Awakenings
Author:Raja; Santia
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-06-26


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