Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

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Major Robert Davis has almost captured bin Laden. Hea€™s rescued the U.S. Presidenta€™s son from kidnappers and met with the Castro brothers to prevent a war between the U.S. and Cuba. Now, with his Columbian-born mother recovering from a heart attack, all he wants is to resign from military intelligence and help her with the familya€™s international manufacturing company. And then the President calls. In John Boyda€™s debut thriller, TWISTED FATE, Davisa€”the only person to have found bin Ladena€”must travel to Columbia on a black ops mission to stop a planned terrorist attack on the U.S. by the revolutionary FARC and its secret leader, Gilberto Rodriquez. Supported by bin Ladena€™s organization, Rodriquez has the attack plan in motion, but he has not counted on Robert Davis. With the help of his brother and team, including a nerdy genius with a sophisticated tracking device, Robert races against time, with his lifea€”and the life of the woman he lovesa€”at stake.She seems to have a complicated family history, to say the least. Ia#39;m still looking for more, so Ia#39;ll forward it as quickly as I get it.a€ a€œThanks, Andy.a€ He got dressed, booted up his laptop, and studied Andya#39;s e-mail and its ... a€œOh, no, thank you. ... She wanted her boys to learn Spanish as a native would. ... When he looked back, he could see Mrs. Cruz-Vasquez, framed in the doorway, watching her daughter.

Title:Twisted Fate
Author:John R. Boyd
Publisher:Four Pawns Publishing - 2014-03-30


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