Two Brothers

Two Brothers

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In the late fifties, as more and more immigrants migrated to the U.S., in a way it was kind of disheartening for them because they had to go through some kind of physical checkup and some were held in quarantine until the authorities were satisfied with the outcome of whatever the illness was. The percentage of these cases, were very low and eventually they were accepted into this country, which today that is not the case. This particular family had no such problems and that made the transition much enjoyable. These two particular brothers were unique in their own ways and accepted what life put in front of their paths. They faced the problems and the pleasures of life, without having someone else take responsibility for their actions, even though at times the actions that they took were not the most favorable ones. It was rare that they disagreed on whatever they had to do, but as human beings, we have our moments where we as individuals are never wrong. Even though age between two brothers as they grow up makes a difference, there comes that special moment when at a certain age, equality just introduced itself to them and they handled it very well.They knew there was a dog inside the junkyard fence, but that information didna#39;t deter them because they planned to outa€” smart the dog. When they arrived ... what Carmine did, the dog wouldna#39;t stop barking or leave the car. Finally, after halfanbsp;...

Title:Two Brothers
Author:Frank Briganti
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-11


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