Two from Tennessee

Two from Tennessee

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W.D. and Jesse, cousins from the back hills of Tennessee, head to Missouri qjust to pick some cottonq. Swimming the Mississippi River and being caught in a hailstorm turns out to be the easiest part of their life-changing trip. The old sea captain they find in a pool of blood aboard the Tiptonville ferry is alive, but barely! He's been robbed of a magnificent diamond necklace. As his life hangs in the balance, the sheriff treats the Two From Tennessee like suspects. They soon find work at the R.G. Billings' Plantation, but get far more than they bargained for as a U.S. Air Force T-6 qTexanq crashes in the cotton field where they're working. Disregarding their own safety, they attempt a daring rescue of the trapped pilot. In the meantime, Jesse falls head over heels in love with the sea captain's niece, Angel Steffelow, while W.D. gets involved with Kerri Lynn Carlisle, a young girl from New Madrid, Missouri who has psychic powers that intrigue and frighten him.a€œIa#39;m not a windshield farmer, a€ R.G. would say, meaning a farmer who didna#39;t actually do any manual labor, but just drove his pickup truck around the farm to see if his field hands were working, and then went into town to loaf and drink coffeeanbsp;...

Title:Two from Tennessee
Author:Gary Lee Ward
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-12


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