Two Highways

Two Highways

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Imagine a man clipping away up the smooth highway of his life; until, that is, a beautiful redhead makes him turn off into a side road full of potholes and other unpleasant surprises. Well, my dear friends, this tale is about a hard-boiled detective who walks right into such a situation. While investigating an unusual death, our good man meets a strange woman. She seems to know him while he has no recollection of her. The lady pierces her way into the most sensitive parts of his heart and then vanishes without a trace. Our detective checks her background but finds only that a young coed with the same name had disappeared many years ago. As he follows her trail, he runs into the business end of a slimy government conspiracy. His adventures take him within inches of death on more than one occasion and into... I won't give anything away by revealing that in the world he finds himself the qgameq has new rules. He navigates this parallel universe by the proverbial seat of his pants until...I nodded to Mr. Lee, the proprietor, and dove into the moist paradise of the temperature controlled walk-in humidor. ... I let my nose focus on the exquisite tobacco fragrances and my eyes feast on the perfections of the cigar shapes. The combination of these two powerful stimuli diverted my attention from the outside world. Not for long, however, because my ears picked up Mr. Leea#39;s voice. I could ... I cana#39;t let you have all the Spam and canned pork with beans I have, a€ Mr. Lee grumbled.

Title:Two Highways
Author:Andrei Lefebvre - 2009-09


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