Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets

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THE WORLD?S MOST FAMOUS DETECTIVE, AS YOU?VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! This is Sherlock Holmes as you?ve never seen him before: as an architect in a sleepy Australian town, as a gentleman in seventeenth-century Worcestershire, as a precocious school girl in a modern British comprehensive. He?s dodging his rent in the squalid rooms of the notorious Chelsea Hotel in ?68, and preventing a bloody war between the terrible Lords Wizard of a world of fantasy. Editor David Thomas Moore brings together the fi nest of celebrated and new talent in SF and Fantasy to create a spectrum of Holmes stories that will confound everything you ever thought you knew about the world?s greatest detective. Featuring fourteen original stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Gini Koch, Guy Adams, Ian Edginton, James Lovegrove, Glen Mehn, Jamie Wyman, JE Cohen, Jenni Hill, Joan de la Haye, Kaaron Warren, Kasey Lansdale and Kelly Hale.a€œIta#39;s my job!a€ a€œLocals get sight of coppers on my lot, theya#39;ll assume the worst.a€ a€œ Theya#39;d be right!a€ a€œTheya#39;ll stop coming and ... a€œIta#39;s nota€”a€ a€œThata#39;s how ita#39;s going to go down, Sanford, or so help me God, I will shut this show down myself and feed you anbsp;...

Title:Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets
Author:Guy Adams, Gini Koch, Kasey Lansdale, Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher:Abaddon Books - 2014-10-07


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