Two Making One Amor and Eros in Tandem

Two Making One Amor and Eros in Tandem

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Dominant views about sex have in most churches been distorted by centuries of negative accretions and become travesties of what we find in the Bible. - Dr. Reidulf Molvaer In this book Dr. Reidulf Molvaer attempts to recapture the joyful, cheerful abandon in legitimate sexual relationships that we see in the Bible-yes, the Bible From the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament to Saint Paul's advice on intimacy in the New Testament, you are presented with the real meanings of these ancient texts and learn why the Church has interpreted the Song as an allegory rather than as a description of the joyous sexual experience it truly is. Could there be any greater glorification of sex than to let ideal love between man and woman illustrate the union between the devout and the divine? Dr. Molvaer demystifies fairytale images of the Virgin Mary, compares biblical sexual ethics to various cultures and discusses tales of eccentrics who have been elevated to sainthood. This book rediscovers what has been misrepresented for generations and encourages Christians and others to think afresh about one of the greatest and most disputed acts of devotion found in the Holy Bible. Dr. Reidulf Molvaer attended university in Oslo, Norway, and received his Ph.D. from London University, England. He spent 20 years in development work for churches and the U.N. in Africa and was a senior researcher in Oslo until his retirement. Publisher's website: http: // are of course many other sides to Japanese sexual life, but the geisha is the one who, with her art and services, has ... deeper views of sex both at the physical and the spiritual levels than any sex manual from any culture in the world.

Title:Two Making One Amor and Eros in Tandem
Author:Reidulf Molvaer
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2009


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