Two Wheels

Two Wheels

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Cycling is going through a revolution. Over half a million of us take to our bicycles every day and, as a result, the public image of cycling has been transformed. No longer the preserve of the marginal and eccentric few, it's now considered cool to travel on two wheels. Guardian journalist Matt Seaton is one of cycling's greatest advocates. An out-and-out bike nut, he rides to work during the week, races at the weekend and has even been known to attend transport policy conferences in between. In this collection, Seaton not only explores a nation's rediscovered love of cycling, he also investigates the issues that affect all cyclists, from potholes and town planning to cycling etiquette and aesthetics. Whether you're a commuter or a competitive racer, a recreational rider or a cycle tourist, this book will prove irresistible - and enlightening - reading.Professionals and coaches have long admired the effect that riding a fixed-gear bicycle has on a ridera#39;s pedalling style. ... The fixed builds in strength training by forcing the rider to keep the gear turning when climbing a hill without being able to change down. ... It works as your coach, improving your cycling and fitness, and it acts as your soigneur, taking care of your legs and ensuring that you listen toanbsp;...

Title:Two Wheels
Author:Matt Seaton
Publisher:Guardian Books - 2012-06-05


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