Two Wrongs Never Make It Right!

Two Wrongs Never Make It Right!

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Two Wrongs Never Make It Right! Is the second novel of William N. Rappa, Jr. The story continues the saga of the Russell family of Lynn, Massachusetts, which was the focus of this authora€™s first novel, Doing It Wrong?. JT Russell, now the patriarch of the Russell family, continues his odyssey through life living and learning the meaning, difficulty, and importance of relationships to the human animal. Russella€™s goals appear simplistic as he endeavors to utilize his past mistakes to prevent their future occurrences. However, the nature of relationships in every aspect of onea€™s life illustrates the difficulty in successfully negotiating this basic function of human interaction. Within the pages of this novel, JT Russell finds himself intimately involved in the murders of a vicious serial killer; he suffers through the losses of his once ideal marriage, his twin children, friends who are seem irreplaceable, and family situations that lead him dangerously close to an emotional collapse. Russell completely accepts the proposition that the success or failure of any individual lies within him or herself. Russell believes that his decisions, choices, actions, beliefs, and practices are the dominion of him and him alone. Never learning from past mistakes, not altering a losing game, not admitting and accepting ownership of onea€™s actions is a certain way to repeat the errors of the past. Two Wrongs Never Make It Right! is the second novel of the Doing It Wrong? series.He would have to view the cover from the outside, but how could he find its location? Back on the floor ... He slowly blew air into the latex balloon making sure that he kept at least two-thirds of the condoma#39;s length outside of the manhole cover.

Title:Two Wrongs Never Make It Right!
Author:William N. Rappa, Jr.
Publisher:Author House - 2013-11-11


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