Typical American A$$hole

Typical American A$$hole

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This book unleashes years of frustration stemming from the ostensible and sheer ignorance of Americans concerning not only the outside world, but even matters apposite to their immediate vicinity. I have lived in Tallahassee, Boston, Miami, and College Station. There has been a common thread pervasive in all of these living experiences: the exposure to an increasingly decadent, desultory and vapid American culture. In geography, the concept is called a€œplacelessness.a€ Apparently it seems like a felicitous word to describe the blase nature of an American culture that has become enslaved to the beer bottle, the a€œboob tubea€, the Botox injections, the silicon breast enhancements, the marijuana, cigarette smoking, and an ecumenically gilded culture of scapegraces. So much of American culture is being diluted by adherence to a€œpolitical correctnessa€ and hackneyed a€œprofessional standards.a€ What ever happened to the media serving as the a€œwatchdogsa€ of government? Now the media is more concerned with actually promoting dogs and dog-like behavior from shallow celebrities. The book attempts to compile the dilapidated schemas, illogical double standards, and slipshod behavior of Americans in a sarcastic (yet humorous) and informative (yet satirical) fashion.How about OJa#39;s son (Jason) who actually had a history of blowing his fuse prompting the doctors to put him on Depakote ... In short, OJ was not guilty in 1994 just like Oswald was not guilty in 1963. ... People likeLance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Ryan Braun are pariahsjust because they didanbsp;...

Title:Typical American A$$hole
Author:Affan Ghaffari
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-07-01


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