U. S. Forest Service Special Forest Products Appraisal System

U. S. Forest Service Special Forest Products Appraisal System

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This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Trade in plants, lichens, and fungi from forests in the U.S. has been important for generations. The Forest Service (FS) refers to these products as special forest products (SFP). Increasing concern over the management and harvest of SFP from national forest lands has led to the development of new FS policy directives. Here is a brief history of SFPs in the Western U.S., highlighting the issues that necessitated new management direction. It discusses the new policy directives that led to the development of a cost appraisal system for SFPs. The framework, components, and uses of this cost appraisal system are described. Also includes an informal assessment of the impact, effectiveness, and value of the cost appraisal system. Ill.To gather first point of sales values for a€œnew producta€ transactions, appraisers rely on relationships with customers to assist in ... the product is sold at the first point of sale, the fair market value of the product, harvest and transportation costs, and production per day. The average, or default, values for products by region are developed by gathering this kind of information for many locations and products.

Title:U. S. Forest Service Special Forest Products Appraisal System
Author:Jerry Smith
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 2011-01


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