Ubuntu: Up and Running

Ubuntu: Up and Running

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Ubuntu for everyone! This popular Linux-based operating system is perfect for people with little technical background. It's simple to install, and easy to use -- with a strong focus on security. Ubuntu: Up and Running shows you the ins and outs of this system with a complete hands-on tour. You'll learn how Ubuntu works, how to quickly configure and maintain Ubuntu 10.04, and how to use this unique operating system for networking, business, and home entertainment. This book includes a DVD with the complete Ubuntu system and several specialized editions -- including the Mythbuntu multimedia release. Choose among three desktop environments: GNOME, KDE, or XFCE Connect printers, sound cards, cameras, webcams, and iPhones Use the Linux filesystem with either the desktop or the command line Learn networking functions, such as file and folder sharing and Internet access Get an in-depth introduction to the OpenOffice.org business productivity suite Learn how to use WINE to run Windows programs Implement upgrades quickly and easily Find out where to get, and how to install, other great software for LinuxIf you are dissatisfied with either the Windows XP or Xandros Linux installation on your Asus Eee PC, youa#39;ll be pleased to learn ... To create a bootable USB thumb drive for installing the operating system on your Eee PC, use a regular Ubuntuanbsp;...

Title:Ubuntu: Up and Running
Author:Robin Nixon
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2010-04-12


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