UFO Headquarters

UFO Headquarters

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The government said it need Area 51 to protect America. They said they needed it for research. Now some say it has all been a terrible lie... In the annals of UFO controversies there has never been a place like this: sixty square miles of desert and scrub just north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Officially known as a U.S. Air Force testing ground, this area has accounted for more UFO sightings and more inexplicable activity than any other in the world. leading experts to dub Area 51 qEarth's unofficial UFO headquarters.q Now UFO writer Susan Wright seeks to answer the riddle once and for all, delving into previously secret government documents, drawing on eyewitness accounts, and ripping the veil of secrecy off Area 51 and the research that really goes on there. The result is the most shocking and thoroughly documented UFO book you have ever read, a book that demonstrates that for fifty years the U.S. government has had one overriding policy on Area 51: whenever confronted with suspicions, facts, or photographs-conceal, deny and lie...... director of the National Bureau of Standards, and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. ... Saunders immediately cowrote a book on his stint at the University of Colorado project entitled UFOs? Yes! Where the Condon Committee Went Wrong (1968). Saunders didna#39;t have proof of CIA involvement, but he knew enough to warn on the last page of his book, a€œThe Centralanbsp;...

Title:UFO Headquarters
Author:Susan Wright
Publisher:Farrar, Straus, and Giroux - 1998-08-15


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