UFO in the USA

UFO in the USA

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There are family outings you can avoid: stuff like visiting your neighbour in hospital after he's had a massive pimple surgically removed, or even something as exciting and important as a car trip to the chemist to pick up Dad's long-term prescription for fungus cream. But in the family rule book, scribed in the blood of our ancestors, it clearly states that there are some journeys you must undertake. They are 100 per cent compulsory. No get-out-of-jail-free card can be handed over in exchange for an 'I'll just stay home thanks, Mum.' No, my friends. These are the car trips, bus rides, plane journeys, visits, overnight stays and holidays that you simply cannot possibly escape. These are the UFO's a€“ Unavoidable Family Outings. The type of experiences that will be harder to bear than a month of detentions sitting next to the stinky kid.If Mum was out to make an impression on the locals, she was doing a fine job. As I sat at the breakfast table watching ... She probably told him that it had something to do with a school project, but I knew just what she was up to. Email floozie.

Title:UFO in the USA
Author:Dave Hackett
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2007-02-05


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