Ultimate Pop Culture - Fictional Characters Who Can Manipulate Energy

Ultimate Pop Culture - Fictional Characters Who Can Manipulate Energy

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 400. Chapters: Aang, Adam Warlock, Aleta Ogord, Alexander Luthor, Jr., Ando Masahashi, Andreas von Strucker, Android 13, Android 17, Android 18, Android 19, Apocalypse, Archmage, Azazel, Babidi, Baby, Battra, Bio-Broly, Biolizard, Bishop, Black Doom, Black Tom Cassidy, Broly, Captain Universe, Cell, Cell Jr., Chiaotzu, Cooler, Cyblade, Cyvus Vail, Dabura, Dani Phantom, Danny Phantom, Dark Danny, Dark Gaia, Dazzler, Doctor Light, Doctor Manhattan, Doctor Wheelo, Emma deLauro, Eon, Eradicator, Ermac, Frieza, Future Android 17, Future Android 18, Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Galaxy Master, Garlic Jr., Garth Ranzz, General Rilldo, Genie, Gogeta, Goldar, Gotenks, Grandpa Gohan, Gwen Tennyson, Harpoon, Hell Fighter 17, High Evolutionary, Hyper Sonic, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Isis, Jafar, Jak, Janemba, Kami, Karolina Dean, Kevin Levin, King Cold, King Piccolo, King Vegeta, Knuckles the Echidna, Krillin, Lionheart, Lord Emp, M. Bison, Madelyne Pryor, Majin Buu, Malefor, Mammoth Mogul, Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, Marine the Raccoon, Mecha Sonic, Mephiles the Dark, Miracleman, Mister M, Moonstone, Necrid, Piccolo, Redeemer, Reptile, Ryoko, Sa x, Sephiroth, Shadow the Hedgehog, Shao Kahn, Silver the Hedgehog, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Spyro the Dragon, Stardust, Super Knuckles, Super Shadow, Super Silver, Super Sonic, Super Sonic, Super Tails, Tikal the Echidna, Tikimon, Vegeta, Vlad Plasmius, Willow Rosenberg. Excerpt: Aang is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The character, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, is voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang-the show's main protagonist-has appeared in all but one episode of the show, the exception being qZuko Alone.q Aang also appeared in the pilot episode, which has never been aired. Aang has appeared in other media, such as trading cards, video games, T-shirts, and web comics. In the show, Aang is the last surviving Airbender and a monk ...Source: Wikia.

Title:Ultimate Pop Culture - Fictional Characters Who Can Manipulate Energy
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher: - 2011-10-29


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