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Carly Denton has learned to keep her buttons and emotions firmly fastened. Her parentsa€™ constant drama, and an unrequited crush on her brothera€™s best friend, taught her to keep her passion beneath the surface. But she can no longer avoid the one man with the ability to bring that passion to a boil... Lucas remembers Carly as a freckle-faced tomboya€”not a frosty woman who treats him like a burr under her saddle. But when they must work together on a charity project, Lucas is shocked to find their bickering melt into some serious mutual attraction. Hea€™s determined to show Carly that hea€™s the man for her, if only shea€™d learn to let loose. Lucas is the last man on earth Carly should give in to. The freedom she finds in his arms has her feeling happier than ever, but is it enough to make her realize that the greatest risk isna€™t losing your heart, but losing the chance at happiness? Includes a preview of Maisey Yatesa€™ novel, Unexpected. Praise for UNBUTTONED: a€œI loved Unbuttoned by Maisey Yates in a big waya€b.I love a feisty heroine and a charismatic hero, especially when they clash. The scenes where they duked it out verbally, all the while undressing each other mentally, were so deliciousa€b.Lots of fun.a€a€”Smart Bitches, Trashy Books a€œA sexy, compelling reada€b. ita€™s a great start to what looks to be a promising new small-town contemporary series and has introduced me to a new-to-me author who writes enjoyable characters with great emotional depth, witty dialogue, and steamy love scenes.a€a€”Ramblings From This Chick a€œMaisey Yates is a very talented author and has created the perfect small-town romance about two people that found love once they learned to take a leap of faitha€b. I cana€™t wait to see what is in store for the residents of Silver Creek.a€a€”Books-N-KissesNot when he had a very angry audience looking on, either. a€œGet out, Mac.a€ His friend crossed his very large arms over his chest. a€œYou cana#39;t tell me to ... Stop acting like I cana#39;t make my own decisions, or like Ia#39;m some damsel in distress when I am damn well not. ... I hopped into it, a€ she said, her voice trembling now. a€œI madeanbsp;...

Author:Maisey Yates
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-06-18


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