Uncanny Bodies

Uncanny Bodies

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In 1931 Universal Pictures released qDracula qand qFrankenstein, qtwo films that inaugurated the horror genre in Hollywood cinema. These films appeared directly on the heels of Hollywood's transition to sound film. qUncanny Bodies qargues that the coming of sound inspired more in these massively influential horror movies than screams, creaking doors, and howling wolves. A close examination of the historical reception of films of the transition period reveals that sound films could seem to their earliest viewers unreal and ghostly. By comparing this audience impression to the first sound horror films, Robert Spadoni makes a case for understanding film viewing as a force that can powerfully shape both the minutest aspects of individual films and the broadest sweep of film production trends, and for seeing aftereffects of the temporary weirdness of sound film deeply etched in the basic character of one of our most enduring film genres.... a€œThis was a staggering job, but when the make-up men had Karloffa#39;s classic and highly intellectual face made over to suit them, ... bill Karloff as the successor to the departed Lon Chaney.81 To this end, and in contrast to the claims that Lugosi was born in almost ... Dracula scored at the box office and won over many critics; but much of that filma#39;s power was rooted in sources that lay outside the film itself.

Title:Uncanny Bodies
Author:Robert Spadoni
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2007-09-04


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