Uncertainty, Rationality, and Agency

Uncertainty, Rationality, and Agency

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This volume concerns Rational Agents - humans, players in a game, software or institutions - which must decide the proper next action in an atmosphere of partial information and uncertainty. The book collects formal accounts of Uncertainty, Rationality and Agency, and also of their interaction. It will benefit researchers in artificial systems which must gather information, reason about it and then make a rational decision on which action to take.Knowledge change has been extensively studied in what is by ow called dynamic epistemic logic, with seminal publications of Jlaza 1989; ... These investigations are often on the level of rbitrary modal operators, so that such a#39; knowledge changea#39; also lcludes belief change. ... In belief revision, preference rela- ons such as templated (preferential), smooth, faithful orders, play major part (Alchourron et al.

Title:Uncertainty, Rationality, and Agency
Author:Wiebe van der Hoek
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-08-18


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