Uncle John's Legendary Lost Bathroom Readers

Uncle John's Legendary Lost Bathroom Readers

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Long ago, Bathroom Reader fans everywhere cried out in terror when Uncle Johna€™s legendary 5th, 6th, and 7th editions were taken out of print. But then they rejoiced at the release of this ginormous book: Uncle Johna€™s Legendary Lost Bathroom Reader! Weighing in at a whopping 673 pages, the entire texts of those long-lost editions have been reanimated into one of the BRIa€™s all-time best sellers. Youa€™ll be rewarded with thousands of amazing facts, hundreds of incredible quotations, and dozens of short, medium, and long articles (and a few extra-long ones, too), covering history, sports, politics, origins, language, blunders, and more. Find out what half a million readers already know: Legendary Lost is quintessential Uncle John. A few examples: - Pizza history - The Godzilla quiz - How Wall Street got rich - The strange fate of the Dodo bird - The best of the worst country song titles - People who were famous for 15 minutes - Miss Piggya€™s timeless wisdom - Accidental discoveries - The king of farts And much, much, much, much more!THE LATEST THING Nothing is sacred in the bathroom a€” go ahead and admit that you owned a pet rock or a mood ring. ... He spent the next two weeks writing the Pet Rock Training Manual, which included instructions for house- training the anbsp;...

Title:Uncle John's Legendary Lost Bathroom Readers
Publisher:Portable Press - 1999


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