Under Pressure

Under Pressure

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The fashion business means long hours and high pressure, but there are billions of dollars in fashion--if you do it right. For a long time, Lou's done it right. That's meant taking credit for other people's ideas, shifting blame to his subordinates, and especially, controlling the women around him. They dress the way he wants, cut their hair the way he wants, even have sex with him...if they want to keep their jobs. Cilla is a prime example. Nearly fifty, she's been having sex with Lou for years. Now she's fallen in love with a man two decades her junior. She wants Lou out of her bed--but Lou's told Cilla that if she speaks up, he'll claim the sex was conensual and the other executives will take his word over hers. She'll be out of a job, with no prospects in their youth-oriented industry. Troubled, Cilla can't protect her new assistant, Karyn, from Lou's advances. At first, Karyn thinks she must have led him on, even though a new relationship is the last thing on her mind--she's too busy getting over a divorce and getting her daughter settled in a new town. But when Lou keeps touching her and making lewd suggestions, even after she's told him qNo, q Karyn gets frightened. Then she gets mad.I have a recipe for beerbattered chicken hea#39;s crazy about. And I make chalupas and souflAced green chile enchilada; thata#39;s very good, and ita#39;s cheap. ... a€œThen maybe you should buy some sexy underwear from Victoriaa#39;s Secret.a€ a€œIa#39;m more the bargain ... Keep him just a little off kilter, always keep him guessing. Meet him at the door wrapped in pink Saran Wrap.a€ Karyn laughed. a€œGet back. Did you ever doanbsp;...

Title:Under Pressure
Author:Abigail Reed
Publisher:Macmillan - 2000-07-15


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