Under the Blood

Under the Blood

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Under the Blood is a sensual novel of mystery, love, sex and betrayal encased in religion. Diana Landon is the mother of the young Luke who falls in love with the 20 year old Mattdrea Cyrus. She portrays the love of a mother and demonstrates what she will do to protect her sons. Diana is the connection through the story. Luke Landon is the 21 year old cop hero who wants to please and love Mattdrea no matter what he has to do to keep her happy. His attachment to the Cyrus family grows as his mission to be the stabilizer to a broken family that was ruined by a selfish, pathological liar. Luke takes the part of father to little Audrey, Mattdrea's sister. Mattdrea Cyrus is the beautiful young and innocent girl who grew up in a very strict Pentecostal religion. Used to having all the attention from the opposite sex and getting what she always wants, she meets her match with Luke. Mattdrea is the daughter of Matthew Cyrus, the prominent United Pentecostal Church preacher. Exposed to Luke, her life changes. The guilt of being with someone not baptized in the Pentecostal tradition wears on her. Thomas Dixon is the flamboyant strong willed Southern preacher and the man Rachel, Mattdreaa€™s mother, leaves her husband Matthew for. Rachela€™s selfish acts lead to disaster, disturbing the church and the families. Ultimately, Luke becomes ensnared in the corruption of lies and deceit. The intriguing story of betrayal and revenge takes place in Florida over a period of 9 years. Bible verses are used throughout the book bringing attention to the Word of God.sleigh ride and make a snowman. ... a€œShewants us tocome over when we get home to have your birthday cake. ... Mattdrea putthe ring onand it dawned on me that maybe when she sawthe little black box, she assumedI was giving her back the engagement ring but she never let onif that ... When I think back now, I ask myself, why I didna#39;t giveher back the engagement ring and askherto marry me again?

Title:Under the Blood
Author:D.L. London
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-09-08


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