Understanding and Responding to Terrorism

Understanding and Responding to Terrorism

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q This publication concerns three main topics: - Dynamics of effective international cooperation against terrorism: Facilitators and barriers; - Law enforcement response to terrorism in different countries and regions; - Emergency management lessons for Homeland Security. On the first topic on the role of international organizations, the barriers for cooperation and their solutions are explored. With respect to the second topic, several countrys legislative efforts against terrorism, the level of terrorism, experienced threat, and how law enforcement agencies fight terrorism in their respective states are handled. The third topic includes evaluations of the response and recovery operations that are implemented after terrorist attacks in order to enhance emergency management and homeland security policies and procedures as well as the integration of crisis and consequence management activities. The articles in this publication have been categorized in five parts: - International Police Cooperation - National Approaches to Terrorism - Responding to Terrorism - Terrorism Emergency Management - Closing Remarks This book can be a useful source to better understand and respond to the terrorism threat. q[1] M. Schoch-Spana, Bioterrorism: US public health and a secular apocalypse. ... [2] M. Schoch-Spana, Educating, informing, and mobilizing the public. In B.S. ... Communicating in a crisis: Risk communication Guidelines for Public Officials.

Title:Understanding and Responding to Terrorism
Author:Huseyin Durmaz
Publisher:IOS Press - 2007-01-01


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