Understanding Equine Hoof Care

Understanding Equine Hoof Care

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This covers the basics of hoof care and horseshoeing. Topics range from simple cleaning to trimming and shoeing the foot to dealing with hoof injuries and complex lameness problems. It also described how to achieve healthy hooves through proper nutrition, conscientious care, and proper used of the horse.The horse may try to take his foot away (or may even try to lie down) because he needs both feet on the ground to support himself comfortably. ... For a young or nervous horse, you can clean each foot, make the rounds again with the hoof nippers, then come back to each foot ... Anything sharp could injure the sensitive tissues beneath the cleft a€” especially toward the heel where soft tissues are closer toanbsp;...

Title:Understanding Equine Hoof Care
Author:Heather Smith Thomas
Publisher:Eclipse Press - 2006


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