Understanding Ionizing Radiation and Protection

Understanding Ionizing Radiation and Protection

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Reading this book allows you to be eligible for 12 ARRT category A Radiologic Technologist continuing education credits. To receive the credit, per ARRT rules, you must complete an online post test (purchased separately at CE4RT.com ). $9.95 is discounted from the post test by way of a coupon code which is inside the book. Ionizing radiation is a potentially awesome force of nature. It surrounds us and effects us daily. It can be used to save lives. It also can become a weapon of mass destruction. As RTs we wield this awesome force and we need to understand it's properties to do so safely. A better understanding can help us explain radiation to our patients, and to mitigate side effects imposed on those we intend to heal. This X Ray CE course is a review of key concepts behind the science of ionizing radiation, and best practices in radiation protection for the practicing radiologic technologist. Topics include Explaining Atoms, Particles, and Energy - Types of Radiation - Radiation -Interacting With Matter - Measuring Energy - Sources of Radiation - Human Cell Biology - Biologic Effects of Ionizing Radiation - Medical Applications - Using Radiation - Other Uses for Ionizing Radiation - Monitoring Radiation and Exposure - Occupational Radiation Protection - Patient Protection in Medical Radiography - Radiation Incidents and Accidents - Preparing for a Radiolgical DisasterIf you purchased this book on a site other then CE4RT.com, such as Google Play, Amazon, iTunes Store etc., then on the last page of the book is a coupon code which will allow you to recoup the cost of the book by getting the course at aanbsp;...

Title:Understanding Ionizing Radiation and Protection
Publisher:CE4RT - 2014-03-01


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