Understanding Mother-Adolescent Conflict Discussions

Understanding Mother-Adolescent Conflict Discussions

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Adolescence is often thought of as a period during which parenta€“child interactions can be relatively stressed and conflictual. There are individual differences in this regard, however, with only a modest percent of youth experiencing extremely conflictual relationships with their parents. Relatively little empirical research, however, addresses individual differences in the quality of parenta€“adolescent interactions concerning potentially conflictual issues. The research reported in this monograph examined dispositional and parenting predictors of the quality of parentsa€™ and their adolescent childrena€™s emotional displays and positive and negative verbalizations when dealing with conflictual issues. Of particular interest were patterns of continuity and discontinuity in the factors related to conflicts. A multimethod, multireporter (mother, teacher, and sometimes adolescent reports) longitudinal approach(over 4 years) was used to assess adolescentsa€™ dispositional characteristics (control/regulation, resiliency, and negative emotionality), youthsa€™ externalizing problems, and parenting variables (warmth, positive expressivity, discussion of emotion, positive and negative family expressivity). Parentadolescent conflicts appear to be influenced by both child characteristics and quality of prior and concurrent parenting, and child effects may be more evident than parent effects in this pattern of relations.Origami Task At T4, shortly before the conflict interaction, adolescents were asked to complete an origami taska€”folding a bird with a piece of paper following guidelines in the instruction sheeta€”with their mother providing only verbal assistance. They were given 4 ... Nonverbal negative displays included rolling eyes, sighing, and folding arms across chest and leaning back (intraclass r = 0.70 ]. Mothersa#39;anbsp;...

Title:Understanding Mother-Adolescent Conflict Discussions
Author:Nancy Eisenberg, Claire Hofer, Tracy L. Spinrad, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Carlos Valiente, Qing Zhou, Amanda Cumberland, Jeffrey Liew, Mark Reiser, Elizabeth Maxon, Judith G. Smetana, Nancy Darling
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-04-20


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