Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues

Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues

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With its strong, engaging politics are pertinent theme and current, cutting-edge coverage, UNDERSTANDING POLITICS: IDEAS, INSTITUTIONS, AND ISSUES, Eighth Edition, is the proven best-selling text for the introduction to political science course. Thomas Magstadt fascinates students with his coverage of three fundamental premises: 1) politics is a pervasive force in modern society; 2) government is too important to be left in the hands of a few; and 3) in a democracy, everyone has both the opportunity and the obligation to participate in public life. The eighth edition of UNDERSTANDING POLITICS: IDEAS, INSTITUTIONS, AND ISSUES focuses on such pertinent concepts as democracy, dictatorship, citizenship, voting behavior, elections, leadership, ideologies, war, revolution, world politics, and public policy--fundamental concepts that provide students with a view of politics and economics that is at once lucid, nuanced, and empowering. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.See Mass media Medicaid, 441 Medical care costs, 439 Medicare, 438a€“441, 440f Meiji Restoration, 210a€“211 Mein Kampf (Adolf ... 506 transition in, 274a€“275 Michels, Robert, 371 Michigan, 362 Microsoft, 39 Middle East: anarchy in, 345 and Islamic fundamentalism, ... 34 Mini-Manual ofthe Urban Guerrilla (Carlos Marighella), 512 Minnesota, Copyright 2009 Cengage Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Title:Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues
Author:Thomas Magstadt
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2008-01-29


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