Understanding Renewable Energy Systems

Understanding Renewable Energy Systems

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Beginning with an overview of renewable energy sources including biomass, hydroelectricity, geothermal, tidal, wind and solar power, this book explores the fundamentals of different renewable energy systems. The main focus is on technologies with high development potential such as solar thermal systems, photovoltaics and wind power. This text not only describes technological aspects, but also deals consciously with problems of the energy industry. In this way, the topics are treated in a holistic manner, bringing together maths, engineering, climate studies and economics, and enabling readers to gain a broad understanding of renewable energy technologies and their potential. The book also contains a free CD-ROM resource, which includes a variety of specialist simulation software and detailed figures from the book. Following a successful edition in German and in response to growing demand for high quality, user-friendly textbooks on renewable energy, the author has prepared a revised version of this classic text in English. Understanding Renewable Energy Systems is an ideal companion for students of renewable energy at universities or technical colleges - on courses such as renewable energy, electrical engineering, engineering technology, physics, process engineering, building engineering, environment, applied mechanics and mechanical engineering - as well as scientists and engineers in research and industry.Table 4.9 State of Charge Estimation fora 12V Leada€“Acid Battery Based on Measured Operating Voltages Voltage range (V) Stateof charge (SOC) agt;14.4 Stop charging, battery is full 13.5a€“14.1 Normal voltage range during chargingwithout load 12.0a€“14.1 Normal voltage range during chargingwith load 11.5a€“12.7 ... An equivalent circuitthat describes battery behaviour is essential for exactsimulations.

Title:Understanding Renewable Energy Systems
Author:Volker Quaschning
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-01-09


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