Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation

Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation

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The American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (or AMA Guides) is mandated for use in many workers' compensation systems. The AMA Guides are now in their sixth edition, and various states are using either the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth edition of the Guides. In easy-to-follow language, Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation brings you up to speed with a review of essential concepts... complete coverage of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Edition of the AMA Guides ...and a focus on the key changes. Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation delivers the concise, jargon-free information you need to prepare any case with confidence - and the courtroom-tested tactics to help you win it. Whether you're new to workers' compensation cases or a long-time practitioner, this expertise-filled resource will be an invaluable time and work-saving tool in every case involving the AMA Guides. This resource is an arsenal of ready-to-use tools, techniques, and tips to help you build a better case from start to finish, including: Expert insight on how physicians should reach impairment ratings - and how to spot mistakes that may compromise up to 80% of all ratings, according to one study Case-tested guidelines for using the AMA Guides to prepare client and physician testimony Sample proofs that illustrate how permanent impairment can be established for various injuries A cross-examination guide that shows how to pick apart an opposing physician's credibility, including word-for-word cross-examinations from real cases Dozens of questions to confound opposing witnesses - including case-clinchers like qThe Ten Most Difficult Cross-Examination Questionsq Convenient digests of federal and state statutes and case law decisions that put a wealth of legal background at your fingertips Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation has recently been updated to include: ; Which conditions are not adequately covered in each edition of the AMA Guides The level of compliance with the AMA Guides legally required of a rating physician When rating physicians may deviate from the Guides and how to justify or challenge such deviations Which edition of the AMA Guides is legally required to be used How to challenge the adoption of the AMA Guides What the courts find or do not find persuasive when ratings made under the AMA Guides are challenged How the AMA Guides relate to scheduled awards When exactly a claimant is or is not at maximum medical impairment - for example, a claimant with a condition such as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which may wax and wane over time Who is qualified to rate impairment Under what conditions can a fact finder apply the Guides on his or her own How to deal with conditions, such as pain and mental impairment, for which percentages of impairment are not provided in the AMA Guides How to deal with often-litigated situations such as whole-person impairments, range of motion, pain, mental impairments, and apportionment How a previous injury should be apportioned when (1) the old injury was not previously rated; (2) the old injury was rated under an earlier edition of the AMA Guides; or (3) an earlier version of the Guides was current at the time of the previous injuryAll Star Chevrolet, 113 the court held that a physiciana#39;s rating under the a€œ orthopedic surgeona#39;s manuala€ was insufficient to award benefits and remanded the case for a rating under ... 117 2005 WL 3488386 (Ky. Ct. App. Dec. 22, 2005). 118 175 S.W.3d 81 (Ky. 2005), on remand, 2006 WL 572815 (Ky. ... BAE Norfolk Ship Repair, 123 1-20 2013 SUPPLEMENT UNDERSTANDING THE AMA GUIDES As 1.07.

Title:Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers' Compensation
Author:Steven Babitsky, James Mangraviti
Publisher:Aspen Publishers Online - 2011-06-17


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