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Josh Donaldson has survived two brutal tours in Iraq, the tragic death of his adoring wife Mallory and is just beginning to get settled into a new life with his two young daughters Jessica and Caitlin when he experiences every parent's worst nightmare. After Jessica, his youngest daughter, breaks her arm, the highly - decorated ex - marine is falsely accused of child abuse. After his children are ripped away from him by a coldhearted child protection worker named Lori Mancuso, the jaded war veteran, using his elite military skills, escapes police custody and wages a one - man war against what he sees as a cruel and unaccountable bureaucracy. Later, Josh teams up with a woman who has her own dark past with Mancuso and together they devise to plan to rescue his daughters and bring the tyrant who conspired to ruin both of their lives to justice.... somewhat rusty 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, which, to his surprise, was open. Unsure of his next move, he scrambled into the backseat, hoping to get just a moment of rest. 25 T he young waitress savored the strong aroma of 127 Unforeseen Fury.

Author:Christopher Joseph McGarry
Publisher:Author House - 2011-12-14


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