Unholy Sacrifice

Unholy Sacrifice

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Born Again San Francisco Bay area stockbroker Taylor Helzer was young, handsome, and--to all outward appearances--normal. But that was before a three-day self-awareness seminar left him convinced he was a new Messiah. In the interest of funding his own church and qsavingq America from Satan, Helzer began making and selling Ecstasy and convinced girlfriend Kerri Furman to pose for Playboy. She eventually left him, only to be replaced by naive, gullible Dawn Godman. Blood Bath Helzer, his younger brother Justin, and Dawn formed an unholy alliance called the Children of Thunder. They wanted to score big. The brothers abducted Taylor's former clients Ivan and Annette Stineman, inducing them to sign over checks totaling $100, 000. The elderly couple was beaten and stabbed to death, then dismembered in a bathtub. Body Count Selina Bishop, 22, daughter of blues great Elvin Bishop, was ensnared in the money scam--before Justin Helzer killed her with a hammer. Bishop's mother was next, shot dead along with her boyfriend by Taylor. But despite the trio's careful disposal of the evidence in the Mokelumne River, the truth came to light when a bag of body parts floated to the surface. The trials that followed would reveal every grisly detail of one of the most bizarre murder sprees in California history--and bring a modern-day Manson to justice. . . 16 Pages Of Shocking PhotosTwo handcuffs and keys were found in the Saturna#39;s passenger side, and a button found in the fireplace, along with a lot of ashes. A bank statement for Cal Fed from May 3, 2000, to June 2, 2000, and a deposit from MBNA of $10, 000 into a Cal Fed account was discovered as well. ... Searching further, he found an ownera#39;s manual for a 9mm Beretta a€” the same type of pistol that might have been used to killanbsp;...

Title:Unholy Sacrifice
Author:Robert Scott
Publisher:Pinnacle Books - 2005-09-01


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