United States Relations with South Africa

United States Relations with South Africa

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Relations between the United States and South Africa - or the parts of the world these nations now occupy - go nearly as far back as the very beginning of their inception as permanent European colonial intrusions. This book is a critical overview of these relations from the late seventeenth century to the present. Unprecedented in its scope - and supported by substantive and detailed notes, together with an extensive bibliography, chronology, glossary, and appendices - the book distinguishes itself from extant works in a number of other ways. Set against the backdrop of a wider interdisciplinary exploration of both ideational and structural issues of historical context, it not only gives attention to the importance of contributions from nonofficial actors in shaping official relations, but also considers the impact of the geo-political location of South Africa within southern Africa, where the presence of other nations - particularly Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe - looms large. Methodologically written from the perspectives of both traditional narrative history and Khaldunian interpretive historical analysis, the book consequently sits at the interdisciplinary interstice of political economy and sociology, where the aim is to advance our understanding of the Braudelian interconnectedness of world history as an important diachronic determinant of the diplomacy of foreign relations. Written for both scholars and policy analysts, this booka€™s examination of the agency of the marginalized should also be of interest to activists and the reading public.His salary is not based upon what he would get in America, but apparendy upon what a whole family of him would get thereaquot; Twain [1996: 687].) In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that the emergence of South African mining as an industrial enterprise was ... Williams first arrived in South Africa in 1884, upon the recommendation of two well-regarded U.S. engineers, ... He left to return to the United States via England but not before paying a visit to Kim- berley where he had ananbsp;...

Title:United States Relations with South Africa
Author:Y. G.-M. Lulat
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2008


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