University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 81, Number 4 - Fall 2014

University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 81, Number 4 - Fall 2014

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The University of Chicago Law Review's 4th issue of 2014 features articles and essays from recognized legal scholars, as well as extensive student research. Contents include: Articles: a€c The Legal Salience of Taxation, by Andrew T. Hayashi a€c Tax-Loss Mechanisms, by Jacob Nussim a Avraham Tabbach a€c Regulating Systemic Risk in Insurance, by Daniel Schwarcz a Steven L. Schwarcz a€c American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited, by Mila Versteeg a Emily Zackin Comments: a€c Bursting the Speech Bubble: Toward a More Fitting Perceived-Affiliation Standard, by Nicholas A. Caselli a€c Payments to Not Parent? Noncustodial Parents as the Recipients of Child Support, by Emma J. Cone-Roddy a€c Too Small to Fail: A New Perspective on Environmental Penalties for Small Businesses, by Nicholas S. Dufau a€c Understanding Equal Sovereignty, by Abigail B. Molitor a€c qWidespreadq Uncertainty: The Exclusionary Rule in Civil-Removal Proceedings, by Michael J. Oa€™Brien a€c Clogged Conduits: A Defendant's Right to Confront His Translated Statements, by Casen B. Ross a€c qIntegralq Decisionmaking: Judicial Interpretation of Predispute Arbitration Agreements Naming the National Arbitration Forum, by Daniel A. Sito Volume 81, Number 4 also features Review Essays by Lisa Bernstein, Avery W. Katz, and Eyal Zamir, analyzing three recent books on contract law and theory.Imagine that there is a parent who does not want custody at all but would like to avoid paying child support, or would even like to receive child support. ... While this threat can still play out under the California approach or the threshold approach, its effect is somewhat mitigated by the fact ... In this view, a strategic father determines that he does not want to pay as much child support, so he sues for custody.

Title:University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 81, Number 4 - Fall 2014
Author:University of Chicago Law Review
Publisher:Quid Pro Books - 2014-12-17


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